Yesterday, Louis Vuitton Wallets for Women tower on the side of the front desk on the second floor, block B, a man in his early 30 s curiously ask staff: "here is how to open a LV (reading) project?"Because at the edge of the nest, are all from C to come over, this is surrounded by huge advertising figure attracted by the shop.Shop door was locked, and can't see the internal activity, outside the words on the wall is very striking: shop upgrade, Louis vuitton on the second floor block B, continue to serve you. "We are the only temporary shop, men's clothing store 23 official business."Is not far away, LV men's clothing store, the shop assistant saw reporters that take the door, very enthusiastically, "is much bigger than we are now the of formal shop, and better display, men's clothing will enrich a lot."The reporter sees, because the area is finite, many men just hung on a clothes rack for guests to choose.
Such exiguous place in hangzhou tower open two stores, is specially designed for men, setting up the luxury (project) bad-mouthing appears very special under the situation of the market, behind it is a luxury the rise of his power.
All open men's shop
Luxury goods are aimed at men wallet
"The new men's shop with a total area of 195 square meters Louis Vuitton Wallets for Men, sales area of 145 square meters, from ms shop about 50 meters."Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Louis vuitton to the qianjiang evening news reporter describes the appearance of new store, the store will be the main shoes, watches, and men's clothing series, shop design using the transparent glass and window of large area, hope for potential customers to create a more friendly atmosphere.Cheap louis vuitton wallets for sale.
In fact, men shop not LV a move.Louis Vuitton Wallets for Women
Throughout 2014, the hangzhou tower products had an easy day, but there are two stores very happy laughter: one is the Fendi, sales rose thanks to reconstruction after last year's menswear store;The other one is even the galeries lafayette for the weight loss of Dior Homme, since entering hangzhou tower performed well at the end of 2011, most recently sales strong.
"In February 2014 when we are doing the store renovation, the first time put men's products in the shop on the second floor."Fendi related official said, "not through a specially, second floor, two stores, is what want to have."Has been in men's wear Fendi actually, only a very small, until January 2014 milan menswear, qiu dong to launch fashion show for the first time, before a small preview of the form.Debut effect is very good, fashion editor are great, the male monster handbags have to out of stock?
Dior Homme is not in good man consumption bud in hangzhou cloth two stores, at present in China has opened more than 10 shops, recently there will be new appearance.But Gucci in China at present there are two men's clothing stores, respectively in Beijing and Shanghai;In its national 6 stores also provide custom service men and men's shoes.Hermes opened man of specialty in the United States, China, though have no action, but the Shanghai home of hermes have for men to build a custom room, have a tailor in all year round, and service for you.
Don't tangle discount
Men are more readily order Louis Vuitton Wallets for Women
Hangzhou tower Dior Homme store, man, intimdating crowd scenes like the scene at the same time also see a lot of.And this group of people, usually there will be two or three people pay will be. "To light, the body, but also the tide, this is now the man's demands, and we are just suit."Dior Homme shop assistant tells a reporter, generally across the door of the man, about seventy percent will eventually order, higher than aimlessly shopping women too much, and the guest unit price of RMB 10000 is at least (shirt was generally in four yuan), some men will complete buy, shirts, pants, one-piece suit together, even more."A purchase 560 thousand yuan guests also many, there are 80000. We are not on sale, so they don't have any extra thought, took a fancy to place the order with you."Louis Vuitton Wallets for Women.
Also don't think that only the process of women like shopping, men also have a hobby of stock up.Allex was studying in the us said: "university often buy luxury goods through the network, not much quantity, but everything is very expensive, particularly some limited edition. But I seldom wear at ordinary times, ninety percent of the things only through one or two, some just is new. After a period of time, feel less like, just sell on eBay for the price of product was about seventy percent, to buy a new again." "Our store product is basic is 1 to 1 men and women, men always is the main consumption. In the shop in discount season we played 5 fold, this year's minimum 6 fold, but also very good seller."Vientiane city ferragamo shop assistant.Men consumption amount is generally higher than women, because of the large buy clothes, buy the number is increasing.Louis Vuitton Wallets for sale.
And the relevant person in charge of Fendi recent studies its global sales data, the results found that 50% of men's clothing sales comes from Chinese: "the Chinese market itself in power, our development is the time. Many men like to form a complete set of purchase, coat, trousers and package is often away. And China's young generation (30 s) like more color and change, dare to wear."

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