Distinguish between Jordan 4 generations of true and false methods:
First of all, give you a few simple method is also the most basic identification methods, not from retro 4 jordans shoes itself.
Price (price even if is not very important, but if the prices are really different, then don't consider, such as wind, north Carolina, 1 national public goods is not many, many local small city didn't get the Retro 4 goods, if the shoes sell price is less than 700 words, you should consider the shoes is true, but sometimes you have a lucky met the real discount retro jordan 4. Box and relevant fittings (original box printing is very good, and the material is better, is relatively not easy deformation, more hard, accessories have to mention and name card, Jordan shoes Jordan shoes and name card, the real more Jordan 4 Retro elastic, soft, and false is very hard, poor elasticity).
Insoles insoles in general and a way to discern between true and false shoes, shoe insoles, in general, such as the above letters are clear, and most have AoTuGan.Have a special insoles and special shoes.But does not exclude the insoles in the process of transportation lost.True Jordan 4 shoes insole elastic, and beautifully printed on it. Smell, as you know, when you buy a new shoes, open the box Retro 4, a thick the smell of new shoes came out, the origin of the taste is the shoes you have to use glue, new shoes generally have the taste (old later may smell, or even no) fake shoes USES is inferior glue, of course, there is no the taste.You can smell his newly bought Jordan 4 generations are shoes, compare the fake shoes in the street.So when you buy air jordan retro 4 some new shoes is the date of production is relatively close to shoes, smell identification will be very important for shoes.
Identify AJ4 jordans retro 4jordans retro true and false, can give me the following figure, help you identify: Reverse shoes, insoles, in the bottom, soles, shoe all stick, shoe box seal
Air Jordan Retro 4 generation _ _ _ in humanities and social science, professional design/art materials.Air Jordan 4 Nike Jordan series is the fourth generation is basketball shoes, was born in 1988, is a very classic Air Jordan series

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