Research and development of Air Jordan 3, Nike Retro 3 within department out of the event.AirJordan series chief designer Peter Moore and signed on behalf of Nike and strazzera suddenly announced his resignation, they are going to set up the portal, build a company named "van Gladstone g", to create a belongs only to Jordan brand.And again they designed a Jordan shoes, preparation for Jordan to build a new series.For Nike, this is indeed a difficult opponent, because they too intimate relationship with Jordan.Strazzera is Jordan great respect for people, while Pitt's design talent is Jordan comparison.Jordan's agent David falk, have received the van gamla g company gauge report.Van gamla g company hopes to become a full-time representative of Michael Jordan, not only in terms of shoes, Jordan will also agent other products development and sales.For Jordan at that time, the research and development of all merchandise to contracting out For a good deal.Van gamla g between the company and the company for the battle of Jordan, by the industry as "business world war iii.If Air Jordan3 can't breakthrough, do not rule out the possibility of Jordan and Nike a beat two scattered.
Hatfield as Retro 3 Jordans designer, smack of driving a duck on.Moore's resignation before a week, a phone call to the hatfield, said: "tinker, you come to r&d Jordan three generations."A week later, he will hand in the resignation to leave.In others, all of a sudden to underwrite for such a big task, must be stupid, but hatfield is unambiguous, soon he thought up ways to deal with: looking for Air Jordan 3 design inspiration from Jordan Retro 3.
The first two generation of Air Jordan independently design and development is basically the Nike company, adding much Jordan's personal opinion.Air Jordan 1 is equal to the Air Force1 upgrade for "color", Air Jordan2 is designed in Italy.Michael even wanted to participate in is not possible.Jordan hatfield, otherwise, he invited to participate in tennis shoes development, let the Jordan, from the perspective of a designer to design this kind of shoes.As a result, harvest quite abundant.For example, the first two generation of Air Jordan sneakers are high help, Jordan Air Jordan3 can slightly reduce upper height is put forward, at the same time of guarantee stability and can improve flexibility.Also in the process of research and development, both of them for a copy of elephant skin material is very interested in, this is the famous later... "blasting crack"
When the final version Air Jordan 3 Retro 3 showed Jordan, Jordan was late for the whole four hours - he had been and Moore to play golf."Let me have a look at your products," the words of the Jordan, doesn't seem to believe that the new design for his satisfactory shoes.But after the box open, Jordan laughed, even has a fondle admiringly feeling to the Air Jordan3, he probably never thought, can have such a pair of shoes in his dream.Result has obvious, before long, Jordan announced to continue to cooperate with Nike, a dark war to dissipate.
As for the Retro 3 Jordans almost famous, a carelessly line of truth is not enough?And from others to love to see in the future, said it was among the first to get rid of basketball shoes status become fashion sheet is tasted, had not been Air Jordan.
Air Jordan is still not come out of time or with a Nike logo, this Air Jordan logo is also developed step by step, until 2013, has a history of 25 years, while Air Jordan will be found after engraving Air Jordan III, Air Jordan III have a symbolic role, especially the Air Jordan 3 '88 OG, Jordan brand will go all out returns supporters, classic silhouettes original Nike brand history.
The 88 dunk contest Air Jordan Retro 3 '88 OG, until now still have some old fans, believe that soon we will see after engraving of this kind of basketball shoes.I don't know other version Jordan basketball shoes from NIKE logo can name it?As if a generation, the second generation, three generations, these is also made of the NIKE logo
Generation of basketball shoes for Jordan, have what meaning?Whether Jordan made a brand, or a brand has created a successful player.Jordan basketball shoes with thick warmth to melt the third generation of Jordan man heart, keep the heart of air.Once a brand has been integrated into the blood and televsion in life, it means that the two and thus is unable to give up the love.Jordan is to the brand.
Actually the first two generation of Jordan for Nike Retro 3 to his design shoe is not very satisfactory, and even the idea of having to leave.Other sports brand, of course, would not miss this opportunity comes once in a blue moon, such as Adidas, they try their best to come into contact with Jordan, promised to give him more salary and good development space.The current crisis, Nike must respond.At that moment, with a background of architecture designer tinker. Hatfield took over the Retro 3 Jordans research and development tasks, third generation to make in the Nike air Jordan do last.Everything comes to him who waits, under the joint efforts of the whole design team, three days after finished the Sample of shoes samples, and immediately contacted the Jordan and his parents and put them to the Nike headquarters in Portland, please.Everything is ready, then tinker team will do our utmost to design results, hope Michael will come to their senses.
With shoes samples in the show, Jordan, Nike designers carefully tell us about the shoes research and development process, at the same time a large screen playing as a child he played ball in the video.At that time, Michael's Cheap Air Jordan Retro 3 parents surprised, said: "where did you find these materials, an incredible!"Jordan's mother hand, the excited and said to him: "children, I have never seen a company's emphasis on you so you and the company have to sign about!"The transient time, the whole room for boiling.In this way, fly at his mother's suggestion, agree with Nike continue our cooperation.Tinker Hatfield team with their perseverance and adhere to the completed an incredible task, is also precisely because Jordan 3 generation of basketball shoes, this pair of magic shoes just had today's Air Jordan Retro 3 series of inheritance and glory.
In Jordan 3 generation of the figure, we seem to see the Jordan play scene when I was young, beautiful memories as personal feeling.Love and cherish Jordan 3 generation of basketball shoes, and is tightly actually Jordan endorsements, more is behind by Jordan Retro 3 sneakers struck by the partners of the group of solidarity, thank them with warmth retaining the air, for the life of the Jordan Retro 3 shoes .

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