To buy a set limit to tennis shoes, is also a kind of alternative investment operation!Small beauty, 26, collect shoes six or seven years, four ping was put on the big room 270 pairs of shoes, Jordan first generation he alone there are 12 pairs, one of the most value-added, is the champion of the Miami heat sealing when combination package, 16800 yuan to buy, can now sell to 60000 6, value-added nearly four times;And cooperate with the world of tennis shoes, all less than 60 group, their value immediately doubled! Small flat space, Air Jordan 1 Retro Shoes sneakers pile was as high as mountain, this is not a shoe store warehouse, but small beautiful boots the cabinet of the hidden treasure.Talent show small collection of sneakers beauty like basketball sneakers collection, line very spectacular scenes, re-count has more than 270 pairs.With a pair of 5000 yuan, down more than 1.3 million, but the appreciation space is very big also.
Little beauty show two pairs more appreciation from 10000 to 60000 of 6 shoes, Miami heat seal when the champion combination Nike air jordan retro 1 packages, super limited and commemorative value, 16800 yuan to buy Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 High shoes, has bid to 6, 60000 value-added nearly four times, but little beauty determined not to sell.More hot and coordination with the world out of the shoe, is a small beautiful latest loot, get the whole machine is less than 60 group of Brazilian football shoes, two pairs of $14500, but have to shout to 28000 yuan, on the Internet is equal to the double transaction.
Recently, a surname as consumers to Zhen river station south industrial zone industrial and commercial bureau staff reflect, on December 16, in which a market within the jurisdiction of trade fairs held in bought two pairs of shoes, a total of 50 yuan.At that time the merchants of sales to consumers, says the quality of sales trainers, not easily damaged.In the evening, however, consumers put on shoes Take a walk after cracking find sneakers.Consumers think the dealer sales shoes quality closes nevertheless, hence the second day to ask to return money to the businessman.After were refused by the merchants and consumers to station south industrial workers for help.
On October 23, 2014 in Manhattan, New York, four major hotel almost full Nike media from around the world, most of them are fashion and lifestyle media, as well as to the trend of the weight of Opinion leaders in the raising of the foot (Key Opinion Leader).More than 200 of the world's top female athletes on the catwalk of Nike specially set up, including retired tennis player li na and 57, jean benoit, her Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 will win in the women's marathon.
Nike released in this day may be the company in 2014 one of the most important strategy: Nike "Women, one is said to be from product management mode to the retail store display will change the new initiative, but compared with the past, CEO Mark Parker announced no standing on the stage on behalf of disruptive technology of new products, also didn't mention the star athlete, but talking about Nike digital platform in 65 million Women members and consumer trends in the future.
He did, in fact, Nike, the company currently has everything: technology, design, and promote the ability of a way of life, to grasp the fashion trends, built on giant social network consumer relationship.Taken together, these is Nike Women strategy.
On the eve of the 2014 World Cup, unofficial sponsors Nike introduced Magista Flyknit technology application in football shoes, at the start of the year, the company also released the application technology of same 9 Elite KOBE basketball shoes Air Jordan Retro Low shoes, both have in common is that changed people view of two things: one is the biggest advantage is to make shoes more Flyknit technology frivolous, not for athletes in football, basketball, this kind of intense campaign to provide enough protection;Second, more ultimate questions, what is the best football shoes/basketball shoes should be like?
However, these two new products are not this year's best spokesperson, Nike Nike Women, because it is an aggregate of all the company advantages and ambition.Although 2012 Nike launched Flyknit technology has redefined the shoes manufacturing industry rules of the game, also created new consumer demand, but the female market rules of the game is another thing: before that, female line never like KOBE basketball shoes product upgrade Air Jordan 1 Retro Shoes concept, consumption to promote and maintain between the star athletes Too much weak เฉ?the girls exactly why buy Nike?This seems to be a new issue, in particular, Nike became involved in this field in a few years ago, but the profit contribution never exceeded 20%.
Look from the results, 2014 Nike air jordan retro 1 May be Nike's best year ever.Analysts believe the success of the company benefited from Flyknit higher-margin products, however, like its Allies apple, Nike's genius is not only is to improve the product's price, but set up an ecological system, including: star spokesperson, high value-added products, sports and sports spirit as the core of marketing, leading the fashion of cross-border cooperation and social network.

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